Shower Screens & Mirrors

Shower Screens

We manufacture and install frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed shower screens.

For the frameless shower screens we use 10mm clear toughened glass and Fethers polished chrome fittings.

For the semi-frameless and fully framed shower screens we use 6mm (semi-frameless) or 4mm (fully framed) clear toughened glass and Dias framing (in polished chrome, white, black, gold and clear anodised).

We offer a wide variety of shower screens. From fully framed to semi-frameless to frameless, we only use the best products and glass to finish off your bathrooms. Whether is updating an existing shower screen or a new shower screen for your new bathroom, we can add the finishing touch by putting in the shower screen best suited for you.

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Whether it’s to finish off your newly renovated bathroom or brighten up a bedroom, we can supply and fit the perfect custom-size mirror for you with a polished chrome or bevelled edge or even with a frame around it. All our mirrors are fitted according to the applicable regulations and are inspected thoroughly before being put on the wall.

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